Unique Solutions

Site2Site SD-WAN

Improve site-to-site network reliability and performance via our VPN Virtualization technology. Site2Site works with MPLS and dedicated links to provide instant and automated remote office connectivity.


ODC Redundancy

Hosted applications require fast and reliable Internet connectivity. Our Office to Data Center (ODC) technology, with patented link bonding, ensures uptime for your mission critical applications.


VoIP Prioritization

Simple to deploy network QoS and redundancy for hosted and SIP trunk VoIP services. Ensure prioritization and guranteed bandwidth for VoIP. Gain instant and automated failover for VoIP in the event of an outage.


Network Security

Unique WAN security services ensure protection for your network and reduced liability. Our unique content filtering provides customers with the fastest web security on the market with cloud-based site categorization.

Unique Capabilities
SD-WAN Solutions

Multi-Site Deployments

ZeroOutages specializes in branch office/store SD-WAN deployments.

Our services are built around the ability to deliver a smooth and easy transition to SD-WAN for multi-site customers. Our customer service and project management teams are focused on making sure that our customers are comfortable with each step in the deployment process and that we are 100% in step with their requirements and rollout plans. At ZeroOutages, we focus on the customer, we assign teams members who are dedicated to their customer accounts and ensure that they get the attention they deserve.

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ZeroOutages SD-WAN Solutions

MPLS/T1 Transitions

Proving SD-WAN works, BEFORE the migrataion.

ZeroOutages offers unique SD-WAN services in that we give the customer complete visibility and analysis of their SD-WAN deployment, as it is happening. This allows ZeroOutages and our agent partners to demonstrate how SD-WAN will work for each individual site. Some sites may require that the existing circuits simply be augmented with broadband for improved performance and redundancy, while other sites can remove the existing infrastructure completely in exchange for inexpensive broadband, savings thousands. ZeroOutages will assist the customer determine this on a case-by-case and site-by-site basis, thus achieving the highest level of performance and cost savings possible, in every scenario.

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ZeroOutages SD-WAN UBM

The MOST Flexible SD-WAN Platform in the Industry

ZeroOutages SD-WAN solution is hands down the most well rounded offering on the market.

With multiple patents in the SD-WAN space, ZeroOutages has the functionality and a feature set that is unsurpassed, but what makes ZeroOutages SD-WAN solutions so special is their ability to be flexible. When working with large customers, ZeroOutages engineering team commonly comes across unique requirements, from specialized routing to custom tailored applications, and this is where ZeroOutages' solutions really shine, and where other SD-WAN solutions commonly fail. ZeroOutages is not a one size fits all solution, the ZeroOutages engineering team can tailor the solution to fit the requirements of the customer and thus produce wins for our agent partners.

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