Myths About Failover Internet Service And Cost Effectiveness

In most cases, business decisions are made based on the bottom line, the return on investment potential, or even on data from other types of similar decisions or challenges presented to the company.

Sometimes, despite the information available online and by talking to experts in the specific area, decisions are made based on myths, bad information, and outdated understandings. This is certainly the case we see when many businesses immediately dismiss, or fail to see the advantages, of having an effective failover internet service.

A redundant internet service is going to be a cost of doing business; there is no doubt or argument to that fact. However, failing to consider the cost of not having the internet can be difficult to measure, and many companies simply chalk it up to the cost of doing business today.

The reality is that with a failover internet service, which can be used to benefit the business on an ongoing basis, the cost can be easily managed. By considering what happens with the ISP crashes and understanding the myths around a redundant system any business owner can make a more informed choice.

ISPs Don't Have Downtime Anymore

While ISPs do have good uptime in most areas, there are still issues to consider. For a company doing business on a national or global level, or even a top online business , e-commerce sites or businesses running 24/7 and connecting with different offices around the city, country or world, even a few minutes offline on a weekly basis adds up.

ISPs do have downtime. They may be momentary or longer, but they will impact your online connectivity if there isn't a failover internet service in place.

Customers will Understand

When customers click on a website, view a video or try to access a document from your website that is cloud-based and they get an error, there is more than just a small problem.

More than ever customers are hypervigilant to security issues online, and error messages when cloud connectivity is an issue will create distrust in doing business with an online site. It is also very easy to simply click down to the next company on the search engine page, resulting in a lost sale now as well as in the future.

There is No Upside

With old types of redundancies, there was no upside to the business unless the primary IPS failed. Today, through bonding, the secondary or multiple alternative internet connections can all be used, providing increased optimization of traffic flow throughout the network.

With the new types of failover internet service in place, companies will have an advantage. By looking at the reality of no having these systems the decision becomes clear.