Top Reasons For A Business To Have An Internet Redundancy Service

Adding to the cost of doing business is never a good option. For many companies determining if choosing an internet redundancy service falls into the category of necessary or unnecessary expense starts with a closer look at their online dependence to do business.

It is important to acknowledge that not all businesses or companies, particularly in some selected markets and sectors, need to consider an internet redundancy service. If the internet is not central to doing business, then it is an unnecessary expense. This usually means that the company uses nothing in the way of cloud-based technology and doesnÂ’t rely on emails, online sales, VoIP phones, or other online technology.

For most businesses, however, this is not the case. Not only does the business need the internet to make money, but customers also connect to the business through the internet. When there is no internet connectivity, business grinds to a halt. This, in turn, results in lost revenue and also risk future sales as customers find other more reliable companies to do business with in the future.

Different Types of Services

Depending on the company, the location and the ISP options it the area, having more than one type of internet service may be a very important consideration. This could include setting up an internet redundancy service using broadband and cable modem or DSL, fiber optics, and broadband.

For most businesses the speed of cable modem, DSL, broadband or satellite is essential, and having the ability to utilize both of the ISP options is a big factor. With traditional systems, online one or the other is always in use, but with new technology it is possible to access both simultaneously.

Bonding Services

One of the top features to look for in any internet redundancy service is the ability to bond the primary and secondary ISPs, or multiple internet connections, as well as to use TCP (transmission control protocol) optimization. This means that both systems are always running and handling traffic, speeding up the entire network.

The business, with this type of internet redundancy service and TCP optimization, will see improved internet speeds during normal use. This not only ensures that in the event of the loss of one ISP the service is still operating, but it means it is operating more efficiently when both or all systems are running and available.

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