"We had sites with poor circuit performance,
but with ZeroOutages our Azure application speeds doubled."
— R. Maure, IT Director, Data Impact

The ZeroOutages Cloud

Our SD-WAN infrastructure is built within the global Azure and AWS backbones to provide accelerated network connectivity. We include built-in acceleration to AWS and/or Azure instances. Our customers can also connect through local and regional "private" data centers to enhance performance between their locations and obtain Virtual IP addresses for instant failover.

ZeroOutages SD-WAN
Azure SD-WAN

Azure Data Centers

Our Azure partnership provides Microsoft customers with a fast and reliable connection to their mission criticial applications, speed up access to your Exchange server for faster Outlook access, improve performance to your Sharepoint, Dynamics and other server instances. Trusted by organizations around the globe in over 50 countries.

AWS Data Centers

Customers that have Amazon Web Service deployments can accelerate their connectivity to those mission critical applications. Speed up file transfers, web services, and connectivity to custom developed applications through ZeroOutages network acceleration services.

Private SD-WAN

Private Data Centers

ZeroOutages has many partners around the world which provide their own data center services in order to create a "private cloud" for customers with direct local and/or regionally hosted applications. Our FlexPrem SD-WAN technology provides Best Path Routing to always direct traffic through the most appropriate data center based on the customers requirements.

FlexPrem™ Virtual IP Address

ZeroOutages has a hybrid (premise and cloud-based) architecture which delivers unsurpassed flexability when it comes to choosing the fastest and most available path for a customers mission critical applications. ZeroOutages has the only patented hybrid architecture for this type of SD-WAN.

FlexPrem SD-WAN Virtual IP Address

Accelerate Azure & AWS Connectivity

Improve performance to mission critical applications.

ZeroOutages is integrated within the AWS and Azure clouds and can provide network optimization services for customers which have deployments within these data center providers.

ZeroOutages Data Center Map

ZeroOutages Cloud Acceleration services speed up connectivity to applications hosted within these data centers by performing TCP acceleration, stream compression, deduplication, and packet loss recovery. Each of these features ensures faster and more effective communications to our customers AWS and/or Azure deployments.

Reduce Overall Traffic

By performing universal deduplication ZeroOutages Cloud Acceleration services are able to remove duplicate byte patterns which increases performance by reducing the amount of data being sent across the WAN (wide-area network). The chart below demonstrates the reductions that can be achieved.

Managed WAN Optimization

Customers with centralized Internet access can help to improve the performance of their hosted Exchange servers, access to their custom AWS applications and or databases, as well as improve the performance of streaming media including MS Sharepoint through the TCP acceleration and streaming compression capabilities provided as part of ZeroOutages Cloud Acceleration services.

Cloud Acceleration Services (CAS)

Faster File Access / Improved Streaming / Reduced Cost

With ZO-CAS our customers can improve their connectivity to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The performance improvements come via a variety of technologies which are designed to reduce the amount of data transmitted over the network while also optimizing the base protocols used to perform the transmissions. The following are some of the key technologies being utilized.

Managed WAN Optimization

Packet Loss Recovery

Packet Loss Recovery and Forward Error Correction recover from loss early which ensures data is delivered reliably, improves link quality, improves application performance and accelerates TCP.

Byte Caching / Deduplication

Cross flow deduplication removes deduplicate byte patterns, irrespective of source protocol, application or session that originated the initial data. Byte patterns are saved persistently on disk for future network matches.

Stream Compression

Real time stream compression of network data on the fly for higher compression ratios, acceleration & bandwidth savings.

TCP Acceleration

The full transparent TCP Acceleration Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) can significantly enhance TCP performance with High Speed TCP.

Quality of Service

Deep packet inspection Classification, Marking and Traffic Shaping ensures business priority and bandwidth-intensive traffic receive the most optimal quality of service.

SD-WAN Dashboard

Gain A Competitive Advantage with SD-WAN

ZeroOutages' SD-WAN solutions enable IT administrators to reduce costs by over 50%, improve application performance, and deployments to occur within a fraction of the time of typical hardware installations. ZeroOutages site deployments can take less than 15 minutes to get up and running.

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