FlexPOINT VPN Services

ZeroOutages FlexPOINT services extend security to the workstation without the need for onsite firewalls or local area network management. FlexPOINT is perfect for remote teleworker environments and working from home. FlexPOINT can also be used by organizations that wish to lower network connectivity costs by replacing or offsetting their existing firewall deployments without the need for truckrolls or onsite support.

Deploy In Minutes

FlexPOINT deploys in a matter of minutes and can replace a customers existing VPN and/or traditional firewall infrastructure with global access and unlimited bandwidth.

Unsurpassed Security

FlexPOINT provides endpoint and cloud-based security that delivers a complete solution for business that want a highly scalable, centrally managed and user-based network and access control.

Reduce Costs

FlexPOINT eliminates the need to purchase firewall licenses every year and simplifies network management so that major network changes are just a click away, no on premise support required.

FlexPOINT Features

Highly Scalable with Unlimited Bandwidth, Built-in QoS & Traffic Shaping, Integrated Authentication (optional 2FA), AES Encrypted Traffic, Web-based Central Management, Cloud-Based VLANs / Network Segmentation, Cloud-Based Network Firewall, Cloud-Based IDS/IPS and Threat Protection, Cloud-Based Content Filtering, Cloud-Based Compliance Reporting

Local Deployment

ZeroOutages global infrastructure means that we can deploy the FlexPOINT VPN service in the local region as our customer. This translates to lower latency and improved performance. This local reach is an advantage over other cloud security services which have only a single or dual gateway network, click here to learn more.

Service Options


The FlexPOINT VPN solution provides a fast, secure, and reliable teleworker connectivity solution. Designed for remote workers and/or people working from home, the FlexPOINT VPN ensures that end-users are connected over an encrypted network which enables access to mission critical applications, without the potential for being hacked through open wifi hotspots. Further the FlexPOINT solution includes a dedicated "cloud hub" in any one of our 50+ data centers around the world, thus producing global low latency solutions. Authenticate FlexPOINT VPN users via Active Directory, RADIUS, and LDAP with optional Two Factor Authentication add-on. Our customers can link their FlexPOINT VPN deployment with their existing data center, AWS or Azure accounts, or any other cloud-based resource via IPSec tunnels. FlexPOINT includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited IPSec resource access tunnels, and can easily scale from 5 to 5000 users overnight.


The FlexPOINT VPN+SASE solution includes all of the features of the Teleworker solution, but adds next generation AI-based network security. With FlexPOINT VPN+SASE customers can now easily control and manage end-user access to remote resources, setup network access control between users and resources, and group users and resources within VLANs (in the cloud). FlexPOINT incorpoates IDS/IPS in the cloud along with Threat Protection and Sandboxing. FlexPOINT incorporates endpoint protection and will automatically scan workstations for Malware, Viruses and Ransomware. FlexPOINT enables customers and their IT partners to control content filtering on a global or per-user basis. Last but not least, FlexPOINT provides detailed and granular network reporting which enables our customers to stay in compliance with their industries network security requirements.

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