SD-WAN Appliances

Model (click for specs) UBM45 UBM550A/B UBM1050 UBM5050
Deployment Type SMB Mid-Range Enterprise High Performance
Max Service Performance 200Mbps 500Mbps/1Gbps 10Gbps 100Gbps
WAN Interfaces 3 (GbE) 6 (GbE) 2 (10GbE)
4 (GbE)
4+ (10GbE)
2 (10GbF)
Best Path Routes 512 4096 16384 32768
Sustained Throughput 75Mbps 300Mbps/500Mbps 3Gbps 10Gbps
S2S Tunnel Encryption / BiDirectional 25Mbps/
A - 50Mbps/100Mbps
B - 80Mbps/160Mbps
User Licensing 20 to 100 Up to 3000 Up to 5000 5000+
Site2Site Tunnels 10+ 100+ 200+ call
Content Filtering Lookups Up to 100/s Up to 5000/s Up to 10000/s Up to 25000/s
4G LTE Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rack Mountable image image image image
Hardware High Availability image image image image
Redundant Power Supply image image image image
Certifications UL/FCC/CE/RoHs image image image image
OpenVPN Clients 25 250 500 call
ActiveDNS Domains 10 1000 5000 10000
Classes / Policies 256 2048 2560 4096
Concurrent Sessions 50K 250K 500K 1000K
System Memory 2GB 8GB 16GB 32GB

Note: Throughput rates are based on lab testing with average packet sizes between 512-1024 bytes.