Protect Your IPSec Investment

ZeroOutages SD-WAN solutions ensure that our customers have seamless access to the cloud 24/7/365. This seamless access is especially important for a customers existing IPSec VPN tunnels. Whereas many SD-WAN solutions don't work with existing VPNs, ZeroOutages provides full support for establishing a fully redundant VPN over our virtual IP addresses.

FlexPrem™ Virtual IP Services

ZeroOutages SD-WAN service is unique in that it can split our customers Internet and remote site traffic between the local Internet links and the cloud, this ensures the most efficient routing for all traffic and provides for instant VPN failover without having to re-establish the session.

Bandwidth Guarantee

One of the biggest problems with critical applications is when the customer over-utilizes their own Internet link. ZeroOutages ensures that this does not happen by applying policies which guarantee bandwidth for IPSec tunnels regardless of other network usage.

Dynamic QoS & Best Path Routing

By dynamically controlling the queuing of traffic from the cloud ZeroOutages VPN customers always receive the best possible quality over their Internet links. In the event of a circuit issue ZeroOutages will automatically select the next best path.

One-Ring Support

Support is a key feature that ZeroOutages provides to our customers, and our one-ring service goal ensures that customers get in touch with someone that can assist them immediately 24/7 without having to go through multiple levels of escalation.

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Gain A Competitive Advantage with SD-WAN

ZeroOutages' SD-WAN solutions enable IT administrators to reduce costs by over 50%, improve application performance, and deployments to occur within a fraction of the time of typical hardware installations. ZeroOutages site deployments can take less than 15 minutes to get up and running.

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