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Improve performance and reliability for remote and branch office connectivity. Our VPN virtualization service, Site2Site, enables customers to accelerate remote applications and ensure automated reliability. Reduce costs for MPLS and dedicated circuits.

When an organization wants to improve site-to-site performance, reliability, and lower costs, they look to ZeroOutages SD-WAN solutions. Site2Site leverages multiple broadband connections in order to increase the available bandwidth between sites and ensure network uptime in the event of an outage.

Each Site2Site solution leverages AES encryption in order to provide secure network connectivity between sites, and because each session can be routed across different connections based on application type and/or destination, application traffic can be offloaded from an MPLS or dedicated circuit in order to reduce the bandwidth and monthly costs.

Site2Site deployments include an onsite appliance at each location, these devices typically take the role as a firewall at the remote sites and as a tunnel aggregator at the HQ or data center location.

When an organization wants to improve connectivity between sites, ZeroOutages VPN Virtualization technology is the perfect solution. With the ability to combine multiple broadband links, provide automated site-to-site failover, as well as dynamic traffic shaping / QoS and split tunnel bonding for faster Internet and cloud access for remote offices.



Split Tunnel Bonding
ZeroOutages Site2Site solutions incorporate our unqiue and patented split-tunnel bonding functionality. This allows remote offices to have faster Internet connectivity through the bonding of each of their broadband links and faster site-to-site connectivity by bonding the tunneled data between the sites.
Optimized Best Path Routing
Instantly re-routes traffic based on latency, packet loss, and calculated jitter for each defined network route, when accessing data from remote sites Best Path Routing will ensure that you are always using the most optimized path to get to that resource.
Automated Site-to-Site Redundancy
When a network outage event occurs, the ZeroOutages Site2Site tunnel redundancy functionality will immediately re-direct traffic out the remaining active tunnels, without dropped sessions, VoIP calls, etc.
End-to-end QoS and Dynamic Shaping
With its ability to allocate bandwidth on the fly based on application type, the Site2Site solution can ensure that critical applications get the guaranteed bandwidth that they need. Additional QoS functionality will prioritize critical applications so that VoIP and other applications take precedence over Internet and other data.

ZeroOutages Site2Site "SD-WAN" solutions also reduce costs by allowing customers to reduce the bandwidth and/or eliminate their MPLS or dedicated circuits. By offloading applications (web, email, etc) from MPLS and dedicated links to lower cost broadband tunnels customers can reduce the contract speed for these connections and thus reduce monthly costs by up to 50%. In some cases a customer can completely replace their MPLS or dedicated circuits with multiple broadband links and the managed services provided by ZeroOutages.


The following are common questions about our Site2Site remote / branch office solutions. If you would like to submit a question, please fill out our information request form. Thank you.

How does ZeroOUtages optimize network connectivity?
When a customer wants to improve the quality of application responsiveness for critical SSL, Citrix, or other applications, the Site2Site solution can assign dedicated bandwidth to these applications as well as prioritize the data so that other traffic does not interfer with critical apps. Additionally, Site2Site employs application routing which can re-route data based on the Best Path available for that application.

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