About ZeroOutages

ZeroOutages is a division of XRoads Networks

ZeroOutages' FlexPrem™ is the most efficient SD-WAN solution on the market. Our US-based service and support teams are second to none and we have dedicated teams on both the east and west coasts to ensure 24/7 operations. Highlighted by Gartner research as an evolutionary leader in the space, ZeroOutages (since 2009) has delivered a carrier-neutral SD-WAN solution with intelligent WAN management, built-in network monitoring, QoS optimization, and redundancy for Internet and WAN connectivity. ZeroOutages specializes in site-to-site WAN management (Internet or dedicated / MPLS) for multisite customers. Our service includes a web-based portal that provides 24/7 network visibility and access to our US-based support centers. SD-WAN is our only focus and our deployment process is second to none.

ZeroOutages holds multiple patents in SD-WAN technology, specifically in the fields of dynamic QoS and session or flow-based link aggregation. Unlike most other SD-WAN vendors ZeroOutages has issued patents which have already been tested and won in US Federal court. ZeroOutages has designed and developed its SD-WAN solutions and global management portal from scratch based on XRoads Networks platforms. XRoads Networks is the parent organization for ZeroOutages, XRoads Networks was formed in 2001 and has deloyed nearly 5000 customer implementations since its founding.

Some of our customers include NRPGroup, In-N-Out Burger, Hoag Health Network, BJs Restaurants, IDEMIA, Mercedes Benz Dealerships USA, and Volunteers of America to name a few. Our customers span from smaller one or two site healthcare providers, to multi-hundred site retail and restaurant chains. Our longevity in the industry is testament to our ability to adapt and react to our customers' requirements as business conditions change.

ZeroOutages senior management team consists of experts in their fields who each have over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. ZeroOutages team includes project managers, engineers and customer assistance supervisors, our support structure consists of three tiers located in three separate network operation centers (North Carolina, Texas, and California). All ZeroOutages development and support is located within the United States.

Company History

ZeroOutages Is A Leader In The SD-WAN Industry


ZeroOutages Signs Major MSP Partners

ZeroOutages has partnered with several of the largest managed service providers in the industry to deliver custom SD-WAN solutions for mid-to-large organizations.


Multiple Master Agencies

ZeroOutages signs partnerships with multiple master agencies and enters the telecom channel by signing five major accounts in the hospitality, retail, and health care sectors.


Multiple Patents Awarded

ZeroOutages is awarded multiple patents on its SD-WAN technology, including WAN bonding, metric testing, and dynamic Best Path Routing™.


ZeroOutages Formally Launched

XRoads Networks, the parent of ZeroOutages announced ZeroOutages, the first offical SD-WAN company at Channel Partners in Las Vegas.


First to SAAS Circuit Management

The first "SD-WAN" company to provide link load balancing services as part of a "software as a service" solution.