SD-WAN Products

ZeroOutages FlexPrem™ SD-WAN services provide the most efficient traffic routing in the industry. With unique and patented capabilites, ZeroOutages delivers on the prmoise of SD-WAN, i.e. lower costs and improved performance and redundancy.

As more orgnizations move their critical applications to the cloud it has become imperative that they implement some form of SD-WAN to ensure uptime for their end-users. Critical applications must have the QoS and network security that today's distributed applications require.

ZeroOutages delivers the next generation of wide area netwokring through multiple broadband links and our FlexPrem™ SD-WAN services.

  • ZO-IP - A true site-single SD-WAN solution designed for small to mid-size organizations or retail locations.
  • Site2Site - This service is designed for larger multi-site customers and/or MPLS replacement.
  • ZO-Connect - Is designed for customers connecting to the AWS or Azure clouds, or to remote IPSec services.

Managed WAN Optimization

ZeroOutages Solution Components

The following is basic review of the components of a typical ZeroOutages deployment and how they various pieces fit the model.

Data Center Components:

  1. Highly secure and reliable data hosting facility
  2. Redundant power, air conditioning, and Internet access
  3. Server and data storage hardware infrastruture
  4. Support staff to assist with managing hardware
  5. Typically no hardware to purchase, monthly service model

ZeroOutages Components:

  • Establishment of an inexpensive private cloud over the Internet vs dedicated line
  • Acceleration of hosted applications along with built-in localized caching
  • Added security via packet-level encryption to prevent line tapping
  • Enhanced routing functionality for both hosted and non-hosted Internet services
  • Automated failover between available ISP connections with email alerting
  • Monthly service model, fully managed equipment, no hardware to purchase

Customer Components:

  • Onsite end-user infrastructure, building, office, etc.
  • End-user computing devices, including PC's, MAC's, and mobile WIFI devices
  • One or more inexpensive broadband connections to the Internet via one or more providers

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I really appreciate your flexibility, it is part of the reason I like working with you guys so much. Brad L. Motorbrian

We chose this solution because it was rich with features that we required yet affordable. Mark R. Valco

Thank you, without the proof from your SLA reports the ISP would not have fixed my lines. I am fixed, and they have found bad wiring to the pole from our last storm. Adam B. Technology Solutions

ZeroOutages was connected to two DSL lines of 3Megs each and pull a 10Meg download, our Cisco engineer was impressed. Jay W. Wincorp MSP

It's awesome! This is such a useful service. We can't imagine not having it in place! Caleb C. MSP Services