ZeroOutages Virtual IP Services

Fast Deployments / Instant Failover / Link Aggregation

ZeroOutages FlexPrem SD-WAN™ services provide the most efficient traffic routing in the industry. With unique and patented capabilities, ZeroOutages delivers on the promise of SD-WAN, i.e. lower costs and improved performance and redundancy.

ZeroOutages Data Center Map

As more orgnizations move their critical applications to the cloud it has become imperative that they implement some form of SD-WAN to ensure uptime for their end-users. Critical applications must have the QoS and network security that today's distributed applications require.

Site2Site Services

Customers with large multi-site deployments can utilize our Site2Site SD-WAN service to provide faster, secure, and reliable connectivity between these locations, data centers, headquarters, and remote vendors or cloud services by incorporating our ZO-Connect platform.

Managed WAN Optimization

  • ZERO up front hardware costs
  • ZERO setup and consultation charges
  • ZERO outside ticket management fees

SD-WAN leverages the availability and cost effectiveness of broadband connectivity. By utilizing SD-WAN with dual-Internet broadband, over dedicated and MPLS connectivity, customers can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month, per site. With ease of configuration and deployment, ZeroOutages' customers further reduce the time (and costs) required by IT staff with regards to the SD-WAN installation.

ZO-Connect Services

Virtual Hub / IPSec Tunnels / Remote Access Aggregation

The ZO-Connect platform is designed to augment our Site2Site services. ZO-Connect provides a virtual hub site for customers in order to enable fully meshed configurations, access to remote vendors and customers using IPSec tunnels, and remote end-user access via our universal OpenVPN clients. ZO-Connect is a great add-on to any enterprise deployment, it is the "swiss army knife" of the SD-WAN industry.

Managed WAN Optimization

Intelligent WAN Routing

Functionality that ensures automated wide-area network redundancy and the ability to combine multiple circuits in order to provide additional (scalable) bandwidth along with best path and priority routing to improve overall performance.

Network Diagnostics

Functionality that sniffs the packets arriving and leaving the local area network, which gives IT administrators detailed network information in order to gain visibility and enable better management of the WAN bandwidth.

Network Security

Functionality that includes comprehensive network security, packet-level firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, content filtering, anti-virus and anti-malware with the ability to automatically classify thousands of applications in real-time.

Traffic Shaping

Functionality that enables the shaping and prioritization of network traffic. These shaping capabilities allow IT administrators to identify top or critical applications and guarantee bandwidth for them.