CloudDMZ Firewall Partners

ZeroOutages has partnered with some of the top firewall vendors as part of our CloudDMZ services.

Within our CloudDMZ our customers can deploy some of the most popular firewall solutions in the industry. The firewall sits at the edge of the customers CloudDMZ deployment and provides protection for all traffic going in and out of ZeroOutages virtual IP service. The firewall can be used to setup inbound NAT rules, outbound access control, intrusion detection, malware and ransomware prevention, and network monitoring.

The CloudDMZ is a direct extension to the customers LAN via ZeroOutages SD-WAN services. Once the firewall has been deployed our customer and/or MSP partner will have full access to the firewall to make changes, modifications, or provide support to the end-users. ZeroOutages maintains the network infrastrucutre and ensures that the firewall is available and redundant as per the customers requirements. A host of other services can be added to the CloudDMZ including virtual desktop services, Windows Servers, Linux Servers, etc. Please contact a ZeroOutages sales representative for more information.

Each CloudDMZ firewall can also be tied to our customers or partners existing global firewall management portals.

Current CloudDMZ Supported Firewall Partners:

  • Sophos
  • Sonicwall
  • Watchguard
  • Fortinet
  • Palo Alto