Advanced Retail Solutions

Looking to deploy SD-WAN for retail, ZeroOutages has over 1000 retail site-to-site deployments.

Point-of-Sale, Gift Cards, Inventory Management, Camera Systems

Our service works by deploying one of our ZeroOutages devices to your remote location(s0 which connects to multiple Internet links. ZeroOutages manages the network connectivity between your remote sites and the data center via a highly secure tunnel which is optimized for fast application connectivity and automated network redundancy.

We managed the entire installation process: ZeroOutages can order and provision any Internet services required and handles all network configuration at each remote site. The retail cloud tunnels back to the data center are automatically configured and optimized for the best possible performance. Reduce your retail cloud costs by over 40% and improve performance by over 200% with a ZeroOutages retail cloud solution. Fill out the form below for pricing and get answers to any other questions you have about the service.

Managed Private Cloud

Deploy your own custom branded Managed Private Cloud services to customers today!

Managed Service Providers have shifted to offer more and more hosted services to their customers in order to increase monthly revenue. ZeroOutages is enabling MSPs to begin offering their own Private Cloud infrastructure to improve customers connectivity between their offices and their data center, and/or between their offices, and/or between your own data center and the customer (for improved support).

Multi-Office VPN Solutions via Private Cloud

Provide your customers with an inexpensive managed retail cloud offering that incorporates next generation AES data encryption, can accelerate file downloads between sites, includes automated site-to-site failover, and is easily scalable across multiple ISP connections. Best of all, there is no equipment to purchase. ZeroOutages manages everything from installation to maintenance and allows and is a layered approach, so the customers keeps all of their existing firewall and security infrastructure in place.

Managed Private Cloud

Accelerate Hosted Data Center Applications

Eliminate the road blocks to delivering hosted services to your customers. As with ZeroOutages Data Center Solutions, ZeroOutages Private Cloud service enables an MSP with their own hosted applications to offer acceleration, automated failover, enhanced security and scalability at reduced costs vs other dedicated retail cloud solutions. MSPs can offer their customers improved performance and reliability to these hosted services. The faster and more scalable the application, the easier it is for you to expand service offerings to your customers. Don't allow a lack of bandwidth options or overly expensive dedicated private lines prevent you from rolling out new hosted services to your customer base.

Private Cloud Connectivity

Extended LAN Support

Each ZeroOutages onsite device incorporates a DMZ port which can be used to offer extended local area network support to customers that wish to allow an out-of-band management offering for their managed support partners. MSPs can use this out-of-band management offering to deliver support as if they were sitting directly on the customers LAN, all via a highly secure AES encrypted tunnel.

Managed VPN Optimization

By leveraging ZeroOutages Private Cloud services, the MSP gains the ability to easily and inexpensively provide "Private Cloud Connectivity" services to their customers without the up front cost of equipment nor the need to get their support team trained on how to install and manage the equipment. ZeroOutages handles the entire deployment and all future management of the Private Cloud connectivity.


Customer Advantages

Highly Secure
Each Private Cloud solution comes with built-in packet-level encryption for enhanced security. Typical deployment is outside of the customers existing firewall thus no direct access to the customers LAN is possible without explicit permission.
Fully Managed
ZeroOutages handles all pre-configuration, installation, and ongoing maintenance of the onsite devices. No support training is required for our MSP partners.
Broadband Integration
Specifically designed to work with inexpensive broadband, the ZeroOutages devices can utilize one or multiple (up to five) DSL, Cable, wireless, VSAT, T1, DS3, Fiber, or Ethernet connections. ZeroOutages offers the lowest cost alternative to dedicate private line connectivity.
Multi-Lane Internet Connectivity
ZeroOutages Private Cloud service enables our MSP partners to increase performance and throughput for their customers by aggregating the speed of each active ISP connection. Thus if a customer had three 3Mbps DSL links, the aggregate speed would be 9Mbps. This is the scalability capabilities of the ZeroOutages solution which are not possible with dedicate private line options.
No Equipment to Purchase
With ZeroOutages there is no equipment to purchase. Other solutions require the purchase of thousands of dollars worth of equipment on a per site basis, no up front hardware costs are incurred with the ZeroOutages solution.

Partner Advantages

ZeroOutages Private Cloud makes it easier for our partners to offer additional services to their customers, including hosted VoIP, Microsoft Exchange, data storage, and many more. If a customer needs to scale their bandwidth to support these new services, Zerooutages makes it easy. If a customer requies automated redundancy, ZeroOutages makes it easy. If a customer wants additional security for their hosted services, ZeroOutages makes it easy.

ZeroOutages does all of this while offering a lower cost solution to traditional dedicated private WAN services and does so without the need to outlay tens of thousands of dollars on equipment, setup and installation, not to mention the time and money spent on support training. ZeroOutages makes it easy.

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