Cloud Protection System

The Orion security platform incorporates a comprehensive security solution which "hunts" for malicious content and sandboxes said content outside of our customers network for review. Unlike most other "cloud" security solutions, ORION provides security at both the physical edge of the customers network and within the cloud.

ZeroOurages offers two tiers of security services which a customer can choose from, both of which provide PCI and HIPAA compliance for any sized organization, these tiers incorporate our SMB and enterprise security options:

  • SMB - Infrastructure Edge Firewall and Global Content Filtering
  • Enterprise - Orion Application Management Firewall and Solarwinds SEM


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Security Demonstration

Security Components

ZeroOutages CloudSecurity platform is made up of two tiers, the first is for SMB customers, while the second is for enterprise customers and includes our Edge firewall and Orion cloud security system. Each can be paired with our Solarwinds network monitoring and SEM reporting capabilities. Each of these services include ZeroOutages' US-based support team.


Edge Firewall

ZeroOutages policy-based firewall allows customers to lock down their networks and only allow those services which had been explicitly approved. Dynamic URL filter customers can prevent unauthorized network access.


Global Cloud
Content Filtering

Our cloud-based content filtering (the fastest in the industry) not only limits access to allowed sites and services, it also acts as a powerful deterrent for viruses and malware that end-users might accidentally download.


Orion Secure
Application Control

A complete end-user content management system for the enterprise is delivered within the cloud. This service is application aware, includes Sandboxing, category based dynamic filtering and Active Directory integration.


Event Manager

ZeroOutages offers event tracking and network alert management via the Solarwinds SEM software. This solution enables larger enterprise customers to monitor their networks and collect data regarding possible attacks and login failures.

Orion Application Management
Solution for the Enterprise

ZeroOutages ORION cloud security service provides enhanced network protection in the cloud for the enterprise. ORION provides a host of capabilities including application and content filtering, custom network firewall rule sets, remote access services, intrustion detection and prevention, sandboxing of potentially malicious files, and comprehensive end-user management via Active Directory integration.

Application Aware Firewall

ORION has over 2500 application signatures in order to protect end-users from accessing unwanted and/or malicious content. Active Directory integration provides for per-user control of content and complete visibility in to how the network is being utilized.

Real-Time Sandboxing

Leverage the cloud to protect end-users from dangerous files, ORION will instantly detect and prevent file execution and enable network administrators to test and destroy said files remotely, outside of the customers network.

Co-Managed by ZeroOutages

Centrally manage your security event reporting. ZeroOutages ensures that if an attack happens, our customers can quickly respond. ZeroOutages hosts, manages, and monitors 24/7/265 while allowing complete control by the customer.

Easily Manage Compliance

With ORION customers can maintain compliance for PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory bodies via template-based reports and dynamically generated content from any deployments within ZeroOutages, from a single site to hundreds of sites.

SMB SD-WAN Firewall Bundle

The starting price for ZeroOutages' security option is just $50/mo when added to any new or existing service. These bundles can be upgraded at any time with our advanced security services. With these bundles there is no additional hardware or annual support to purchase. Standard 24-month term.

What's Included?

  • Managed Gateway Firewall Service
  • Global Content Filtering w/Anti-Malware
  • Full Co-Management Option via ZOOM Portal
  • 24/7 Support Services by ZeroOutages
  • Firmware and Security Rule Updates

*Pricing is an add-on to ZeroOutages existing SD-WAN services.

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