How To Benefit From Internet Redundancy

Paying for two sources of internet service all the time is an added cost to any business, big or small. At ZeroOutages, we often have calls from these businesses after their one and only ISP server and gone down, and they have been left without access to the internet.

Within the last few years, especially with the trend of more and more companies moving their business critical operations to the cloud, the ISP failure is more than just an inconvenience. It is literally a full stop to their ability to process sales, complete transactions, run computer operated processes, and so many other types of issues.

This is where we can help. With our systems, we can provide full internet redundancy, allowing your internet to continue to function if one of the ISP providers fails. We actually have systems that will allow us to connect up to five different ISPs including cable, DSL, fiber optics, broadband and whatever other systems you may have already supplying your business.

Adding to Speed

What many businesses don't realize until we talk with them is that our system isn't a "one on and all the rest off" type of system. Instead, through our unique bonding option all of your internet connections can pass traffic, providing TCP optimization and speeding up all of your internet activity.

This means that you aren't paying for internet redundancy you aren't using. With added speeds, all applications and processes will work effectively and efficiently without any jittering, hang-ups or endless buffering.

Automated Failover

Failover is the biggest issue for most of our customers, with added internet efficiency it is a nice bonus or plus to using our systems. With failover in place if one pathway to the internet isn't available, there is no need to manually configure anything or change a pathway through the system, it will all be done for you.

With our internet redundancy, this change is literally instantaneous. You, your customers, and your staff will not notice the difference, and there will be a seamless transition within your systems.

Also, with our system and the Best Path Routing technology, you will be able to see how your internet is performing. When it isn't offering the promised speeds, or when there are failures, you will have data to go to your provider and question the SLA (Service Level Agreement), which is where our service can help you to save money and assess your ISP performance.