ORION Enterprise Cloud Security

The ORION cloud security services are hosted within the ZeroOutages CloudDMZ for customers that wish to ensure the greatest possible protection for their network. ORION provides an application and content aware platform for managing end-user traffic while sandboxing potentially malicious file. With full Active Directory integration ORION provides per-user control over web site access via a variety of categories which are updated dynamically.

ORION has classified over 2500 applications which is automatically updated as new applications are identified. Templates can be created to block applications based on type, URL, or category.

Sandboxing is a key component of any comprehensive security solution today and ORION will Sandbox any content which it finds to potentially contain malicious content. This content is placed within a cloud repository where is can be securely examined and destroyed if verified to be malicious.

ORION incorporates web content filtering where the network administrator can block access to end-users based on category, URL, or custom preferences. Content filtering can be applied globally, per site, or via Active Directory groups.

The ORION platform incorporates a complete set of reports which provide detailed usage information for customers to be able to visualize network usage, application usage, along with who was access what content and when, again with full Active Directory integration.

ORION also incorporates full network alerting via email and/or SMS text messages. Alerts can be configured based on the detection of malicious content, or in the event of a security event, as defined within the ORION systems custom policies.