Dynamic QoS & Traffic Shaping

ZeroOutages provides the most efficient managed shaping solution on the market today, utilizing dynamic QoS and throttling capabilities which automatically adjusts to network conditions in real-time.

With dynamic QoS, customers can optimize the network for VoIP and carve out bandwidth for mission critical applications while throttling non-critical data. When ZeroOutages' onsite appliance sees that network utilization is reaching a significant amount (80% for example), it will automatically ensure that critical applications like VoIP, Citrix, RDP, etc. are given the bandwidth they need to ensure responsiveness for end-users.

Cloud Services Bonding

Beyond simple QoS, ZeroOutages "dynamic QoS" can actually adjust to network conditions and guarantee bandwidth for critical applications.

One of the biggest problems that customer face is over-utilization of their own available bandwidth to the Internet. This is caused when too many users attempt to download too much data at the same time. This often occurs when a number of users go to view the latest YouTube video or when several users start large file downloads, etc. In these cases, simple QoS is not enough to prevent issues for mission critical applications like VoIP.

ZeroOutages solves this problem by deploying one of our unqiue WAN management appliances onsite. This appliance will monitor network usage in real-time, and in the event of high network utilization it will automatically throttle down those users which are taking up the greatest amount of bandwidth. It will then also carve out and reserve bandwidth specifically for VoIP or other defined critical applications.

VoIP Prioritization