Managed Firewall Services

Secure your WAN network with ZeroOutages network security.

ZeroOutages provides fully managed network security through a variety of capabilities, our packet level firewall can inspect traffic at the packet level in order to determine if traffic should be allows or blocked based on the customers requirements. By default our managed firewall solution blocks all non-established inbound traffic and allows all outbound traffic.

Customers can also request that specific ports be opened to allow connectivity to certain internal devices and/or applications. Additional firewall rules can be added to block traffic which has not been specifically allowed. This provides the highest level of security but may limit some end-user functionality.

The ZeroOutages firewall also has the ability to record packets in order to provide security logs and/or to track potential hackers or other malicious network usage.

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I really appreciate your flexibility, it is part of the reason I like working with you guys so much. Brad L. Motorbrian

We chose this solution because it was rich with features that we required yet affordable. Mark R. Valco

Thank you, without the proof from your SLA reports the ISP would not have fixed my lines. I am fixed, and they have found bad wiring to the pole from our last storm. Adam B. Technology Solutions

ZeroOutages was connected to two DSL lines of 3Megs each and pull a 10Meg download, our Cisco engineer was impressed. Jay W. Wincorp MSP

It's awesome! This is such a useful service. We can't imagine not having it in place! Caleb C. MSP Services