What To Consider When Choosing A Redundant Internet Service Provider

Making the choice to have a failover internet service is a positive one for any company. Just like any type of service, finding the right redundant internet service provider is going to be essential in maximizing the potential for optimal connectivity.

While it may be tempting to go with something an in-house IT team develops, using a respected, proven and experienced service provider is always the best option. This ensures the system is tried and tested and eliminates the glitches, bugs and downtime associated with trying to get these very complex systems up and running.

Years in Specialization

Any company offering services as a redundant internet service provider needs to have actual experience in working with business of all sizes. There are local IT professionals who may have some experience, and then there are companies that partners with global leaders in managing all types of failover systems in companies big and small.

Bonding and Accelerating Possibilities

One of the many benefits of adding redundancy to your network system is that with top companies it is possible to bond the speeds. This is a cumulative total of the speed of each connection, giving you an enhanced ability to transfer data either as an upload or a download.

With this also comes what is known as TCP or Transmission Control Protocol optimization. This allows the system to automatically adjust for the best possible transmission on of the data, making videos play smoothly and ending any stops and starts in data transmission that can impact cloud based or business critical types of applications.

System Set-Up and Installation

Even with an in-house IT department we know how nice it is to have a system that is easy and simple to install. Typically all that we will need is your LAN information, and the system will automatically connect to the redundant internet service provider as well as to your system.

It will then configure optimally for the system, with no further tweaking, adjusting, setting or monitoring required. Businesses will notice faster internet uploads and downloads, fewer jitters and delays in accessing online sites, sending data or utilizing cloud applications, and a better overall online experience.

Another essential component to consider with a failover internet service provider is the ability to connect to multiple ISPs. All services will connect to a primary and a secondary, but we are able to connect to up to five, providing enhanced peace of mind for business critical operations.