3 Applications That Should Never Be Without Network Redundancy Services

With more business critical operations now required in all types of industries and across all sectors, having redundancy in internet connectively is really a given. Unfortunately, many companies fail to see the importance of network redundancy services until it is too late, and the damage has been done.

The Worst Case Scenario

If you aren't sure if your company falls into this category, take some time and just play through a worst case scenario in your mind. Imagine that you get a frantic call from your IT manager telling you that your entire company is offline. And, to make matters worse, it isn't an in-house problem, it is a crash of your ISP.

Think about what would happen to your business. Would you be able to carry out business critical processes? Would your sales reps, techs, customers and managers be able to quickly, effectively and easily get information they need to work with customers, process sales, and keep the production lines moving?

Additionally, would your customers online be willing to wait until your business was back online to make a purchase, or would they go to the next company on the search engine results? What would they think of your business, and how much would you lose in sales both that day as well as in the future?

Minimize Risk

If that exercise created anxiety in your mind, you are a business owner who needs to have network redundancy services in place. Any business using cloud technology, online sales, online connectivity for customers to the business or for companies with remote offices and multiple locations need to ensure they are online all the time.

There are three specific types of applications that should make network redundancy services a priority. These include: • VoIP services – if your company relies on VoIP for their communication, both to the outside customers and internally, having ISP redundancy is a must. • Online payment processing – for companies that are handling any type of online payment process, the loss of an internet connection is a definite loss in business. Debit and credit card payments and the ability to process these payments is a critical factor in any type of business from a gas station to a major department store. • Cloud applications – when your sales reps in the field, your customers, and your employees rely on information in the cloud and not on local servers, a loss of connectivity is a very major concern.

Talking to a company offering network redundancy services can help you to evaluate your needs. Most companies today will find this is a part of doing business and one that will continue to beco