PCI and HIPAA Compliance

Ensuring PCI and HIPAA standards is critical for many organizations, this is especially true for the Retail and HealthCare industries. ZeroOutages has several aspects of its Orion Security System which are specifically designed to provide protection and reporting for compliance.

ZeroOutages assists organizations of all sizes ensure both PCI and HIPAA compliance. If your organization accepts credit cards or electronic payment of any type, each office of the organization must meet PCI compliance regulations or be subject to potential legal and financial libability.

Organizations in the medical field face even stricter regulations through HIPAA. ZeroOutages can help these organizations with not only meeting HIPAA requirements but also protect against future updates to the ever changing regulations within the industry.

The Payment Card Industry developed PCI in order to reduce risk and protect card owners. Most vendors require annual certification and compliance reporting, which ZeroOutages can assist with. Under US law the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that health care organizations obtain certain levels of data protection and access to the data.

Accelerate CRM/ERP

Orion will track each new device that is connected to the local area network and if unauthorized devices are detected an alert will be generated and firewall rules can be applied to lock down such devices until they can be removed.